Sandhurst Medal
Sandhurst Medal
Sandhurst Medal
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Sandhurst Medal

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International cadets who graduated from regular Commissioning Courses before December 2016 can now buy the medal from The Sandhurst Trust. 

Terms and Conditions apply *. Subject to availability.

PLEASE NOTE: The medal is only available to those international cadets who have graduated from RMAS on regular Commissioning Courses and whose names are on the master list at RMAS. The medal is only available in presentation sets, you cannot buy the individual medals

To order your medal please provide the following details in the Order Comments box at checkout:
Month and Year of Graduation


* Only one medal per person. All individual orders will be compared to academy records to confirm eligibility. The Sandhurst Trust will cancel any orders whereby the purchaser does not meet the qualification criteria. A full refund will be given within 14 days. Decision of the officer cadet administration is final.

Permission to wear the medals is subject to individual country guidelines. The Sandhurst Trust have no say in whether your country allows you to wear the medal.