Book- Public Speaking Like a Military Operation - Peter Pearson (signed)
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Book- Public Speaking Like a Military Operation - Peter Pearson (signed)

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No other book has made Public Speaking so simple.

It’s aimed at the younger generations setting out in life, as well as those who continue to be novices at speaking in public. Whether you are preparing for an interview for a university place or a job, or if you have been asked to ‘say a few words’ or give a keynote address at some event, this book is for you.

Written by someone who has been speaking to audiences for over 40 years, the book takes you through, step by step, how to put a speech together and how to give it successfully. It covers the early part of analysing the task in front of you, and helps you put a structure together for your speech.

Then it tells you how to make your speech go down well and what skills you need to develop to improve each time.The author has reflected throughout on the similarities between public speaking and military operations, which makes the whole book very different to others and far more interesting.

Unlike any other book on this subject, the reader is given a unique, yet simple, Aide-Memoire, to assist them in their planning and in producing their speaking notes.Invaluable.

Signed by the Author


75 Pages.