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We are pleased to announce we are now taking pre orders for new book Soldier in the Sand A Personal History of the Modern Middle East – by : Sir Simon Mayall KBE CB


With the Middle East in a state of persistent change and upheaval, there has long been a need for a comprehensive, yet readable, study that can give the intelligent and interested ‘lay-person’ a greater understanding of this diverse, complex region. The Author, whose links with the area are deep and long-standing, successfully does just that in Soldier in the Sand. As well as analysing its history and religions, which strongly influence people’s actions, attitudes and relationships, he draws on his own experiences and impressions based on his many years spent in key military and diplomatic appointments in numerous countries.

 "Simon Mayall has produced a stimulating and thought-provoking study of the modern Middle East. Part history, part scholarly analysis, Mayall has drawn on his experience of more than four decades fighting and working in the region to provide unique insights into its people, politics and culture." - Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

About the Author

Lieutenant General Sir Simon Mayall has known the Middle East since childhood and, over the course of his 40-year career, he has served extensively in the region. He was seconded to the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces for three years, took part in the liberation of Kuwait, served as the Deputy Coalition Commander in Baghdad, was the first Defence Senior Adviser Middle East and the British Government’s Security Envoy to Iraq. Additionally, he was responsible for helping to establish the new Royal Navy base in Bahrain. He was knighted in 2014 and also holds the US Legion of Merit. He holds degrees from Balliol College, Oxford, and King’s College, London, and also studied at St Antony’s, Oxford, where he wrote a book on Turkish Security Policy. He is a sought-after lecturer on Middle East affairs

We are pleased to announce that as Deputy Chairman of the Sandhurst Trust, General Mayall has kindly agreed to sign the copies for us.

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