Book - Soldier in the Sand - Simon Mayall (Signed)
Book - Soldier in the Sand - Simon Mayall (Signed)
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Book - Soldier in the Sand - Simon Mayall (Signed)

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With the Middle East in a state of persistent change and upheaval, there has long been a need for a comprehensive, yet readable, study that can give the intelligent and interested lay-person' a greater understanding of this diverse, complex region.

The Author, whose links with the area are deep and long-standing, successfully does just that in Soldier in the Sand. As well as analysing its history and religions, which strongly influence people's actions, attitudes and relationships, he draws on his own experiences and impressions based on his many years spent in key military and diplomatic appointments in numerous countries. In addition to knowing many of the key players personally, he has studied, at leading universities, British policy and engagement in the area and he understands the effects of this long-term engagement.

This invaluable book's unique mixture of history, politics, academic study and first-hand experience affords the reader an invaluable insight into a fascinating, fractured and frustrating area of the world. General Mayall explains complex situations in a thoroughly accessible and human manner. This will come as no surprise to those who have listened to his lectures worldwide, but this important and entertaining book now brings his knowledge and common-sense approach to a far wider audience.

ISBN: 9781526777737


320 Pages