Mug Full of History
Mug Full of History
Mug Full of History
Mug Full of History
Sandhurst Trust

Mug Full of History

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NEW EDITION - Now in four different colours

1/2 Pint sized bone china mug exclusively designed for The Sandhurst Trust by Susan Rose China.

This beautiful bone china "Mug Full of History" has nine images and thirteen words connected to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Now available with different colours. Choose from gold. platinum, red or blue. 

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Old College, Commandant, Leadership, Sovereign's Parade, New College, Victory College, Officer Cadet, Barossa, Wish Stream, Commissioning Course, Royal Memorial Chapel, Churchill Hall.

Old College, New College, Cadet Hat Crest, Canon, Horse on Steps, Jubilee Statue, British Army Logo and Mars & Minerva.